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Why are Pump Pockets so Expensive?

Pump Pocket Cost Breakdown

When I started Pump Pocket, I knew I wanted to offer the best product possible to you, our T1D warriors.  To do that, 

1. We use super-soft Eco-friendly TENCEL™ fabric that is chemical free and gentle on sensitive skin.

2. We manufacture in Canada, where workers are paid a living wage.

3. We took many, many hours to design our garments intuitively so they work well for your needs.

4. Instead of relying on boring and annoying advertising, we have decided to allow you, our favourite customers, to reap some reward for helping us to spread the word about our products with our Pocket Points Referral Program

We know our products are expensive and D-families are already burdened with the cost of diabetes care.  We do our best to bring you the best bang for your buck by supporting you with an exceptional product and customer support.




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