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Buttery SoftnessSustainably SourcedMade in Ontario, Canada

Anatomy of the Pump Pocket


Here is the basic anatomy of the a Pump Pocket garment.  After the initial idea was born, came the hard work of many, many re-works and prototypes.  Each new sample was kid-critiqued and changes were made accordingly.

One of the most important considerations that we had in mind from the beginning was to have a secure place to hold the pump even if the wearer was upside down.  This happens with kids more than you think. HERE is a recording of our own Crash-Test Pump Demo where it does not end well for the pump.

To address this problem, we created two sets of pockets.  One pocket allows for easy slip-in access to the pump which is important for a quick pull-out during normal activity e.g. eating lunch at your desk at school.  The second pocket is a more secure, envelope style pocket that will prevent the pump from falling out even if, for example, you're doing flips on the trampoline, or playing sports at school. 

The fabric that makes up the garment is multi-layered.  The layer that lies next the skin is made from Modal, an incredibly silky-soft jersey knit that is made from the wood pulp of beech and spruce trees.  It is 100% eco-friendly and contains 0% harmful chemicals in its production. 

The pocket layer is made from very stretchy but strong knit fabric (akin to bathing suit material) that has excellent rebound strength so it will not sag despite holding your heavy pump all day.

Lastly, You should always follow the advise of your health care providers concerning all the aspects of wearing an insulin pump.


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