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Helpful Links

Helpful T1D links.

Below is a dynamic list of helpful links to sites that have helped our family and others navigate T1D in our lives.  I sincerely hope it will be a help to someone.  Running the race of life is full of obstacles, and in our case, T1D is one of those.  Having someone who understand what it is like is invaluable to living your awesome. 


  1.  The Juice Box Podcast where they discuss all things about Type One diabetes for families with kids with Type one.
  2. The Sugar Mama's Podcast "is designed for parents and caregivers of children living with type 1 diabetes. Hosted by Katie Roseborough, a T1D mom, the show features heartfelt and insightful conversations with other T1D parents as well as influential members of the type 1 community."


  1.  Parents of Type 1 Diabetic kids Facebook group
  2. Canadian Parents of Type 1 Diabetic Teens Facebook Group.


  1.  Waltzing the Dragon Blog - A great resource for families with kids with Type One
  2. Nerdy April -  T1D NASA Engineer.  April is a wonderful inspiration for all T1D kids.  She does an amazing job drawing the parallels of diabetes management and being a NASA flight controller! :// Here is a Youtube video of April in collaboration with CWD (Children With Diabetes).  Her instagram tag is @nerdyapril.  
  3. Carb Counting Mama. 


  1.  I Challenge Diabetes - A wonderful organization started by Chris Jarvis, a Canadian Olympic Rower who also has Type One.   He has many camps, and adventures for kids with type one. It allows them to get to know peers and mentors also with T1D.  They are often empowered to manage their diabetes independently in a safe environment while having fun. 
  2. JDRF Canada
  4. Children with Diabetes.
  5. Type One Together.
  6. Diabetes Canada

 To follow on Instagram:

T1D Advocacy Organizations

I Challenge Diabetes @ichallengediabetes

Joslin Diabetes @joslindiabetes

JDRF Canada @jdrf_canada

JDRF USA @jdrfhq

JDRF Advocacy (USA) @jdrfadvocacy

Children's Diabetes Foundation @cdfdiabetes

Touched by Type One @touchedbytype1

Diabetes Canada @diabetescanada

T1 International @t1international

Beyond Type 1 Daily @beyondtype1daily

Project Blue November @projectbluenovember

T1D to the Third @t1dtothethird 


Independent Advocates we follow:

Peeps with Diabetes @peepswithbeeps

Skiersalko @kiersalko

Nerdy April @nerdyapril

T1D Nutritionist1d.nutritionist 

Type Powerful @typepowerful

Running with Type One @runningwithtypeone


 Resources for School

  1.  Type One Diabetes at School Resources:

Blog post: Managing School Days with T1D by Sharica Rodgers


I hope that is a help.  I'm always here as a resource as well.  It is good not to be alone in this!