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Buttery SoftnessSustainably SourcedMade in Ontario, Canada

Our Sustainability

We are trying our best

Pump Pocket believes in running a sustainable company.  While there are varying opinions out there as to what sustainable means, we have carved out our own definition reflected in our best practices:

Local Manufacturing

Pump Pocket garments are proudly designed and sewn close to home right here in Ontario, Canada, either in-house or by local manufacturers within a short driving distance from us. Not only does this cut out long-distance travel of the product, it supports Canadian workers and assures those making our products are paid a living wage.

Sustainable Materials


Eco-friendly and easy-on-sensitive skin, TENCEL™ Modal is sustainably sourced from wood pulp. Due to its naturally managed transportation of moisture it creates a refreshingly cooling sensation on the skin. TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG.

The manufacturing process is such that no toxic chemicals are used or left as residue on the fabric. We felt this characteristic was especially important as we know many of our customers have highly sensitive skin. Your skin will thank you for wearing TENCEL™

Sustainable Packaging

At Pump Pocket, we choose not to contribute to the overload of excessive plastic packaging in the world.  We use 100% recycled paper apparel mailers from EcoEnclose.  They are 100% curb-side recyclable and compostable.  


sustainable packaging
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