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T1D-Moms are Amazing

As I write this, it is Mother's Day weekend in Canada, and though that day will soon pass, it got me thinking about Moms and the stories we tell ourselves.

I know parenting a child with Type One is just that much more difficult and very few people see the extra miles and hours you go for your children. We go with very little sleep sometimes, endure the roller-coaster of adrenaline as we deal with daily emergencies. But, then we put a smile on our faces and just keep going, a little bit more foggy-brained than before but we keep going for our kids and our families. . 

If you don’t mind, I'd like to tell you a personal story. Recently, I was at the orthodontist for a consultation, something I have needed to do for awhile but always put it off because my kids’ needs are more important. Sound familiar? I was finally convinced by my dentist and my husband to go. I’m glad I went and the next time you see me, I will have metal tracks in my mouth:). 

As I prepared to leave the office, I was shocked when the orthodontist looked me in the eye and proceeded to give me the most surprising talking-to. She said she was relaying a “message of Spring and new beginnings” to everyone. Basically, she wanted to remind me that I was beautiful, my body was an amazing engine, given and equipped perfectly by God to live a life of love and purpose and that I should celebrate the design of “me”. 

I must admit, I’m not used to that type of speech and I was a little embarrassed, but I verbally agreed with her and thanked her for her message as I left.  But, you know what, as I drove home, I was thinking more about what she said and became more and more thankful for her message. I’m notalways thankful for who I am, inside and out, and often forget that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14), perfectly equipped to love and serve others in my sphere. 

So, today, I thought I would share this very personal story with you so as to remind you (as I remind myself) that YOU ARE PRICELESS, that YOU ARE AMAZINGLY MADE, and that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! 




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