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T1D Wish List and Gift Guide

Here is an on-going list of our favourite sites and products that make life with T1D a little bit easier.  We receive NO financial benefit from sharing these products nor are we associated with these companies. 

  • Frio - the insulin cooling case.  We were gifted one of these cases from our Diabetic team at the children's hospital.  Really, it is amazing!  Follow the simple directions and your insulin stays at fridge temperature.
  • Type-One Style.  Cool sticker-covers for your CGM, receivers and pumps, giving diabetes just a little extra style.
  • Pimp My Diabetes.  This site offers a number of products, including stickers, pump covers, diabetic bags etc.
  • 4AllFamily.  We have not purchased from this company yet but I am very interested in their insulin cooling container that can be powered via a USB cord.  We love innovative ideas!