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T1D Shout-Out - Nerdy April T1D NASA Engineer

photo of April Blackwell, T1D Aerospace Engineer

Meet April, T1D advocate and Aerospace Engineer who defied all the norms to work for NASA.  If you don’t already know about April, I hope you will be as inspired as I was reading her blog.  Having a husband who is also an engineer, I quickly learned the acronym ERTW (Engineers Rule the World) when we were still at school.  Kids with T1D (and their parents) need to know that anything is possible.   They CAN reach amazing heights despite diabetes.  Maybe we should make a new acronym: T1DsRTW!   You can read about April at or on Instagram: @nerdyapril. 

This interview she did in collaboration with CWD (Children With Diabetes) and Tandem Diabetes was really neat to listen to.  If you have kids who love space, this might be a really good watch for them!

With your pump in your pocket, there is no telling how far your will go, maybe, even Space!


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