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Thanksgiving Carb Count Cheat Sheet

Thanksgiving Carb Counting

Thanksgiving can mean different things for different families, but it usually involves family getting together and food.  If you are diabetic, the idea of a big thanksgiving dinner can mean STRESS,  especially if you are at someone else’s table.  It begs the question, how are you going to accurately count all those carbs?

Our family has been there. The stress is palatable, especially in those early days of diagnosis.  Everyone is happily chatting as they pass the turkey, and my husband and I are looking at our son’s plate and doing some super-fast research and mathematical calculations on our phones…and hoping for the best.  

Just so you know, you are never going to get a perfect result in that situation.  Well, if you do, let me know, as I’d love to know your secret. So take a big breath. It will be ok. It is a good thing we don’t eat like that every day, and that one event a year is not going to do much harm if the carb-counting is not perfect. That being said, being crazy high (usually) or low after dinner is no fun when you are supposed to be having fun with your cousins!

To help us out this year, I’ve constructed a handy cheat sheet specific to Thanksgiving dinner.  It is compiled from other sources, referenced below.  Because the referenced lists did not reflect our own Thanksgiving dinner, I made my own cheat sheet (see below).  If you would like to download a super cute version, PDF version of the Thanksgiving Carb Count Cheat Sheet (pictured above), feel free to do so by first subscribe to our newsletter. (see form below).

Helpful Tip

Can't find your food on this list? Check out If you download their Food Search App, for iOS or on Google Play, you will have access to a scanner which will scan the bar code on a food package to give you the nutrition label for that item. (note: Pump Pocket is in no way affiliated with Calorie King, nor do we receive any financial benefit, we just wanted to share, that is all :)



Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

This Sheet was customized for our own family tastes and traditions.  For more sources check out below:


Additional Sources:


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