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Favourite Low Treatments

Low Treatment

Sooner or later (probably sooner), you will find yourself needing to administer some form of fast-acting glucose to counteract a blood glucose (BG).  Because we use the T-Slim insulin pump with Basal Control by Tandem, we usually treat with only 10g for a BG less than 4.0 mmol/L, and  15g for a BG less than 3.5 mmol/L.  The exact amount of grams of carbs that you use to treat a low should be discussed with your heath-care team, of course.

If you use candy for treatments, Halloween is a great time to stock up on lows.  I always get funny looks at the counter as I pile on my mountains of candy lol.  Sometimes I explain, sometimes, I just enjoy the looks.  

There are a number of great lists out there of popular candy and their corresponding carb count.  Choose your  favourite one and paste it on the "low bin" in your house, on the fridge, or anywhere else you put your lists.

Juice Boxes

Candy is great, because it takes up so little space.  Often, we prefer juice boxes, especially with activity or during the summer months.  If you use any type of control features on your pump  (ie. the pump predicts highs and/or lows and starts correcting in anticipation), treating with 15 g of carbs is often too much.  If you struggle to find juice boxes with 15 g of carbs or less, here are a few to check out. BTW, these are NOT affiliate links, ie. I do not receive money if you purchase through these links :)

Nestle Peach Ice Tea.Juice Box (10g)

Arizona Green Tea Juice Box (12g)

Oasis Hydra Fruit Juice Boxes (60% less sugar) (9g)

Honest Kids Juice Boxes

Juicy Juice Splashers Juice Pouches (Organic) (9g)

Minuite Maid Fruit Punch (no sugar or sweeteners added) (10g)

If you know of any more, please, respond to this email and let me know!  I will pass it on in the form of a master list for the tribe!


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